Advent Day 11-Steadfast


This is a picture of my Appalachia Service Project workteam, celebrating the completion of a roof repair. We had spent three days on this roof, trying to figure out how to make a roof patch possible given the realities of the home. Oh, and it was about 100+ degrees on the roof. Hot enough that if you put your hands on the roofing paper or shingles it would burn.

I am reminded of that experience in the word “steadfast.” Our team stuck to it under difficult conditions. And we didn’t simply stay on task, there was a lot of joy involved…laughter and singing and sharing. It is what God calls us to–to remain firm to the truth of God’s love, keeping that love visible in our daily life no matter what the circumstances. In 1 Corinthians Paul sums it up: “Stay awake, stand firm in your faith, be brave, be strong. Everything should be done in love.”

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2 Responses to Advent Day 11-Steadfast

  1. Ken says:

    Love how our heads echo the roof line. Clearly really into the job.

  2. Elaine says:

    Loved this!~

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